Accelerator Festival. Gothenburg 2003-06-28

Pictures of, in order - Yo La Tengo, Interpol, Mogwai and The Rapture.
All photos are shot by Hallisar. These photos are NOT allowed to be copied, published or linked to, without contact or approval by IT-handikappad™.
001. - Hello, where Bonnie "Prince" Billy...   002. Just like the drummer of Iron Maiden. No nose. Bonnie "Prince" Billy.   003. Bonnie "Prince" Billy.   004. Looking for the nearest bar." Bonnie "Prince" Billy.   005. Watch the show instead of the camera! Audience, Bonnie "Prince" Billy.   006. Dragspel in action! Bonnie "Prince" Billy.   007. Def Lepards drummer got 1of them. This one's got 2. Bonnie "Prince" Billy.   008. The drummer got exhausted from all the grinding. Yo La Tengo.   009. The fucking back-drop is as interesting as a hiv-test.   010. Guitars got used. Yo La Tengo.   011. The smoke-technichian had his way with this band. Interpol.   012. *cough* Interpol.   013. Red lights and smoke. Just like Amsterdam. Interpol. 014. Why did I even publish this photo? Interpol.   015. Nice blueish color. Interpol.   016. Artsy-fartsy crap-photo. Interpol.   017. Hellbent for leather? Interpol.   018. -Dude, your playing the wrong track! Interpol.   019. Turn on the bright lights, idiot! Interpol.   020. Kraftwerk Interpol.   021. T-shirt outside shirt. Grunge as fuck! Interpol.   022. They turned on the bright lights...again. Audience. Interpol   023. In sweden we call it "rundgång". Mogwai.   024. I hope the dude who designed the stage got fired. Mogwai.   025. ...He must have be fired. Mogwai.   026. -We played this construction site in Sweden. Mogwai.   027. Rock action. Mogwai.   028. Hello world! Mogwai.   029. -Yeah! Mogwai.   030. More rock action. Mogwai.   031. Mogwai.   032. Batman-shirt. Fashion? Mogwai.   033. This kinda light is not good if you got dandruff. Mogwai.   034. -Which hangar is Mogwail playin' in? Mogwai.   035. -Where the fuck did my Turbo Rat-pedal at? Mogwai.   036. -Mom? Can I call you back? I'm kinda bisy. Mogwai.   037. Gearin' up for gettin' down. The Rapture.   038. -Number 9, bend your knees, please. The Rapture.   039. -The Pink Floyd -show was awesome! The Rapture.   040. -Are you talkin' to me? The Rapture.   041. Saxophone and stuff. The Rapture   042. The gang's all here! The Rapture.   043. Fuckers didn't even play "Notes". The Rapture.   044. Don't turn your back on the audience. The Rapture.   045. Happy Mondays The Rapture.   046. Love hurts. The Rapture.   047. -Where the fuck did I put my g'trrr? The Rapture   048. -Can I get some bass? The Rapture.   049. -House ooof...jealous loveers"... The Rapture.   050. -Dude, give me a C. The Rapture.   051. Shake that money-maker. The Rapture.