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IT-handikapad vol. 15 - Postmodernista Toaletta

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"IT-handikappad was founded 1999 as a semi portfolio for me, Hallisar, but later on evolved to something more. The idea was to cover interesting stuff within music, design and art, mainly in the Gothenburg area. With a cramful foto archive, guestbook, link hub and calendar etc, IT-handikappad is open for everyone to share, participate and spread, both your own opinions as well as other interesting news, info and what not..."

Since I don't have had the time to build my own portfolio, IT-handikappad and Webfarm will do as for now. And on the other hand, isn't a "portfolio" kinda 2001?

My daytdime job is at a WCMS company in Gothenburg where I work as a webdesigner, interfacedesigner and sometimes project manager. On my sparetime I work with IT-handikappad and Webfarm. I design flyers, posters, record covers and whatnot. If you're in the need a real good WCMS (web content management system) I suggest you visit Webfarm.

A big part of IT-handikappad consist of the Photo hub, where I publish photos from almost every show I go to. If you play in a band that is covered on this website and want to use it in any old way, somply drop me a e-mail and we work something out, real smooth.

If you wish to contact us about... any ol' thing or send me a message at msn (destroy_2000@hotmail.com)


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